PIERRE - Gold and black leather porcelain bracelet
PIERRE - Gold and black leather porcelain bracelet
PIERRE - Gold and black leather porcelain bracelet

PIERRE - Gold and black leather porcelain bracelet

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Like every weekday morning, you put on your shirt. You know it looks good on you, it falls perfectly and enhances your figure. But it looks so much like other people's shirts! And that doesn't satisfy you. Now you want to stand out and implement your own style. To do this, we offer you a leather bracelet with a black gold porcelain pebble. Infinitely manly touch, this bracelet will make all the difference!


The bracelet has been hand-made in the North of France, by the hands of a ceramist and then a porcelain painter, thus contributing to local employment and to the preservation of a craft know-how. This handmade work, a part of a historical heritage, also makes each bracelet unique.

This bracelet is composed of a black porcelain pebble of 4,5cm x 2,8cm for a dynamic and modern look. With an average thickness of 1,2cm for a weight of 26g, it is very light. Once shaped, the pebble has undergone several firings and has been enamelled for a smooth touch and a long-life. 

The bracelet is made of black leather, 2mm wide, matching perfectly with black porcelain for a complete luxury look. It is comfortable to wear without any fasteners.

Key features

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  • Delivery time : 5 to 10 working days (delay may be extended due to Covid-19)
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  • Product N°: 39R-0520

Tips on porcelain care

  • It is recommended not to wear your jewellery when you practice sports activities in order to avoid shocks.

  • To clean the pebble, run a damp finger over it and gently rub it with a soft brush, then wipe it with a soft cloth.

Tips on leather care

  • For leather, humid environments are not recommended. It is therefore recommended that you remove your bracelet when washing your hands or taking a shower.

  • It is recommended that you gently brush your bracelet in order to free the fibre and thus release the dust. Afterwards, you can wipe your bracelet with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Once the leather is dry, you can brush your bracelet one last time in the desired direction.

The possible defects of realization are the assurance of a handmade product (non-contractual photo).